Juxtapostion Ezine

They're the hardest working microtonal band in New York City. Compositions based on birdsongs with an art song/rock/jazzy/world music vibe. Just intonation-fretless guitarist Jon Catler (La Monte Young's Forever Bad Blues Band) and vocalist Meredeth Borden map out the territory with percussionist/bassist Brad Catler (tablas, dumbek, percussion & bells-on-toes - no kidding!). Cameos by flautist Andrew Bolotowsky and drummer Jonathan Kane (also AFMM & FBBB). Everyone here is an alumni of the American Festival of Microtonal Music in NYC. I've heard this band quite a few times over the past two years and it's real nice to have a perfect document of this period in the bands history - I love it! Guitarist Catler shows the influence of mentor La Monte Young in microtonal clouds creating sum and difference tones that sound like choirs and Borden's birdsongs are a pleasure to ear. I'm so impressed with her range.

Microtonal music that has melodies: imagine that. Even better - get your paws on a copy now.

David Beardsley

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