Downtown Music Gallery 

Internet Review 
Volume III 
November 1996 

by Bruce Gallanter

The CATLER BROTHERS - Crash Landing (FreeNote) Lead guitarist Jon Catler & brother Brad on el. bass, have been exploring & refining their distinct use of microtonality for over a decade. First with JC & the Microtones (old lp now out-of-print) and currently featured in La Monte Young's Forever Blues Band (3 hour sets at present). This is their first release on their own label, which hopes to put out microtonal music only in the future. The drummer of this jazz power trio is Jonathan Kane (also in La Monte's unit, Gary Lucas' Gods & Monsters, previously w/Rhys Chatham). This cd seems to me to be an extension of the very 1st Pat Metheny trio effort. A perfectly balanced trio, with an Ornette tune thrown in for good measure. Although Jon has a mostly clean warm jazzlike tone, he lets the rhythm team lock in the groove, while he swirls around the stratosphere, spewing swarms of buzzing notes like bees surrounding their hive. Both bros. have custom made axes (designed by themselves) to get 49 notes to their scale. What this means to non-musicians like myself is they often select notes that fall between the notes most other guitarists are accustomed to. Both brothers are perfect foils for one another, constantly swirling in and around each others terrain. Most of these tunes are moderate tempo jazz tunes, yet what stands out is when they slow it down to an eerie bass throb groove, Jon slides his fingers around the neck, so suspensefully like slide guru Dave Tronzo. Guitar freaks, this is a must have, so order yours today.

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