JULY 15, 2012

by Brian McKinnon, Sr. MusikReviews.com Staff

Based out of New York City, Willie McBlind consists of Jon Catler (64-tone just intonation, fretless guitars), Meredith ‘Babe’ Borden (vocals, autoharp), Mat Fieldes (bass), and Lorne Watson (drums). Live Long Day is their third album that is sure to impress. With just the right touch of rock to their harmonic blues sound, Willie McBlind will take you on a musical journey that you will never want to end. Grab your boarding pass, because Live Long Day, if you could not already tell by title, is devoted to the train.


I usually do not know if I am going to like a band until after getting through some of their songs, but it is different with Willie McBlind. From the start of Live Long Day, I knew that I was going to enjoy the album. The magic begins with “Sittin’ in the Train Station,” a slamming song with smooth touches that will instantly make you a fan of Willie McBlind. 


A folk classic gets a modern update in “Live Long Day.” The dirtiness and grit of working on a railroad comes off from this song. Another rocking song, “Anywhere” is elevated by its clever lyrics and ingenious wordplay. With its quiet and downplayed opening, the middle is like a ferocious storm that leaves you to pick up the pieces as you stand in awe of the force that just rolled through.


“Slow Moving Train” is a hip song about traveling on the rails. Keeping the good tunes flowing at the half point, “One Thing” is particularly memorable for its killer guitar part. “Mighty Long Time” has a strange sense of power and energy flowing through it. It has a haunting quality that will keep you coming back for more listens. “Down the Road” is upbeat with lots of liveliness and a catchy beat to top it all off. It is the perfect song to keep you company while travelling across the open road. Heading down the home stretch, “Boogie Train” is almost too good for words as the guitar simply dazzles.  “The Train That Never Came” brings it all to an end as the call of the last whistle out sounds off.  


Live Long Day by Willie McBlind is a musical masterpiece. Carried by its skilful musicians and two very fine vocalists whose voices harmonize so well together, this album is great the first time through and it gets better with each subsequent play. Willie McBlind creates the type of music that will make you feel good about being human after having listened to it.

Key Tracks: Live Long Day, Anywhere, Mighty Long Time, Down the Road, Boogie Train

Brian McKinnon – Sr. MuzikReviews.com Staff

July 15, 2012


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