Just And Unjust Tunings

Review of Willie McBlind's debut release, Find My Way Back Home

Downbeat Magazine
January 2008
by Frank-John Hadley

***1/2 (three and a half stars)

Maverick guitarist Jon Catler's electric blues band project features his alternate-tuned microtonal music, the natural result of his fascinating use of the notes between the notes of standard tuning. Relying on his self-designed 64-tone "Just Intonation" and 12-tone "Ultra Plus" guitars, he illuminates a sweet-sour lyricism on the stunning track 'Every Time' and attains new, beautiful-sounding chords on 12-bar blues 'Chicken.' As an occasional singer, Catler's affected yet lightly appealing nasality acts as a foil to Babe Borden's fearless vocal flights. No tenderhorn or dilettante, the guitarist honed his creative instincts working with avant-gardist La Monte Young's Forever Bad Blues Band.

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