Blues in Britain


JULY 2012

by Mick Rainsford

Willie McBlind – Live Long Day

Freenote Records

If you have ever wondered what the phrase “nu-blues” means then listen to this CD and you will find the answer.

Willie McBlind is fuelled by Jon Catler’s “microtonally fretted and fretless guitars” which create a “distorted” wall of sound behind Babe Borden’s powerhouse “rock-chick” vocals.  When listening to Willie McBlind you will hear tantalising nods towards Captain Beefheart, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Pretty Things, Budgie, T-Rex and even the Beatles as they take Delta style rhythms and blast them into the 22nd century.

“Sittin’ In The Train Station” is a churning rocker that I can only describe as “psycho-delic punk blues” – on “Down The Road” the band sounds like a “spaced-out” Canned Heat with it’s frenetic rhythms – if John Lee Hooker had been a punk-rocker he would have sounded like Willie McBlind on “Boogie Train” – whilst “Love In vain” takes Robert Johnson and transplants him into a manic punk-rocker musical landscape that underpins Borden’s soulful vocals.

If your taste in blues is not compromised by Catholic principles then try this out – you could well be surprised.  (www.williemcblind.com)

Mick Rainsford

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